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Our capacity to multi layer the print over or on either side of white ink gives the options to allow the colour images to only be seen on one side of the glass or to maximise the visibility of the colour images on both sides of the glass.

In other words, we can give you exactly what you want – and to the very highest standard. You can even have an image that changes when darkness falls! Vinyl car window graphics will turn your car vehicle into a moving advertisement. This method of advertising is original and unique.


McRobb “see-through” perforated style window graphics are ideal if you want to keep as much light coming in to your storefront or office as possible, but still get your message noticed.

The material and technology we use allows you to see through the window graphic. From the inside it just looks like a slightly tinted window but when people look from the outside, they see a vibrant printed graphic on the glass. This technology can also be applied to the windows of vehicles.

ContraVision™ 3 year polymeric white on black perforated window films are available in 20%, 30%, 40% and 50% transparency options to allow you to balance the level of transparency and impact.

McRobb can now offer the ContraVision™ Performance Clear range which allows the graphic to be applied to the internal surface of the glass. Not only protecting the print from the elements it also makes installation a lot easier, saving time and money.

Key Features:

  • Choice of 4 transparency options
  • White on black films for external application
  • 3 year external durability
  • Clear solvent adhesive for reliable adhesion


A highly transparent printable cast film for glass applications. Unprinted areas allow perfectly clear view through the glass. Images with sophisticated details don't need contour cutting.

This technical film from 3M enables printing of special effects like dusted/frosted by using white ink, or one-way-vision effect without using punched films. Up to 7 years durability. It is no longer necessary to cut out printed elements from the film - instead the printed area is an integral part of the film, which is bonded in it’s entirety. Using the latest UV printing technology allows McRobb to print white ink beneath the image to maximise the vibrancy. Double sided images can also be achieved in this manner.

The film can also be used inside buildings, enabling architects and shopfitters to implement creative design ideas combined with functional purposes.

Despite its hard-wearing properties, it can be easily removed when no longer required.

Key Features:

  • Highly transparent even on unprinted areas
  • Print white or one way vision effects
  • 7 year durability (with 8150 overlaminate)
  • Removable adhesive


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