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Example of Window Films in Edinburgh Shop
Example of Window Films for shop in Scotland
Example of Window Films


This UV-stabilised, transparently dyed, gloss special-purpose film boasts a performance of up to 5 years. It is perfect for high-quality illuminated signs and to decorate back-lit glass surfaces.

The material is available in 32 vivid transparent colours, which can be superimposed to obtain fine nuances of colour, making the creative possibilities virtually unlimited


Neutral films are an elegant way to manage light and heat. This 3M product can significantly reduce heat gain and create a comfortable environment, especially in warmer months, as well as helping to reduce the workload of air conditioners and save energy costs. 3M Neutral 35 and 3M Neutral 70 are designed for use on the interior surface of windows.

Our Neutral 35 film should be used when greater reflectiveness and heat reduction is required. The metalised technology reflects the sun's rays while allowing optical clarity to be maintained and rejects excess light to reduce glare and block almost the entire amount of UVA and UVB rays which are the main cause of fading and skin damage. Also, depending on lighting conditions,rooms are protected against prying eyes from looking in.


Our Window Protection series are designed for use on the interior surface of windows. They are composed of transparent and weather stable polyester films, scratch resistant surface and a strong acrylic adhesive. The high tensile strength and elongation at break properties, increase resistance of the glazing system to impact. The films also significantly reduce the transmission of UVA and UVB rays, which are the main cause of fading.

S40, S70, S80 and S140, a transparent, weather stable polyester film, designed to provide effective protection from injuries to persons or damage to items caused by fragments of broken glass. It provides protection against trips and falls, forced entry, civil unrest and other impacts, plus graffiti and vandalism as a sacrificial layer.


Switchable film from Intelligent Glass allows you to transform existing glass windows, partitions, acrylic screens, plexiglass or other transparent surfaces for instant switchable privacy and security.

Switchable film is operated by a simple electrical switch to control the opacity of the switchable film, turning it from clear to translucent. It can easily be integrated into home automation systems too, giving you even more control.

When opaque (in its unpowered, frosted state) switchable film also acts as a high quality projection screen. Rear projection gives you the highest quality image, whilst front projection effects can be enhanced with an additional reflective coating.

Switchable film also provides thermal, solar and sound insulation benefits, helping to keep rooms cool, comfortable and quiet. Designed to retrofit to existing transparent surfaces, Self-Adhesive Switchable Film by Intelligent Glass provides a simple and cost effective alternative to other switchable film technologies.

A simple ON - OFF mode switches the film from being clear (transparent) to frosted (opaque). In its frosted state the film acts as an electronic blind providing privacy and security for any glass, window or partition.

This unique film technology also transforms any glass into a high definition rear projection screen allowing you to display corporate presentations, TV images and videos. A truly innovative product making switchable glass technology accessible to everyone while giving your home or business the added WOW factor.


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