Signage is a vital component of any organisation's marketing mix. A well designed, quality sign will
McRobb display is a sign and graphics company based in Edinburgh
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External & Internal Signage

LED neon signage Edinburgh Beer Factory
Maersk reception signage build up aluminioum, powder coated wall mounted
Prime Four external signage
External & Internal Signage

Having designed, produced and installed signage for blue chip companies, bars, restaurants, cafes, salons and shopping centres for over 40 years, you can rest assured that the dedicated staff at McRobb Display will help your business stand out from the crowd! From large, illuminated external signage for the front of your building, to fire exit signage and internal door signs, there is very little we can’t provide. McRobb will work with you to create a sign that reflects your branding, inside or out, on buildings or free-standing posts. Our premises house large format digital printers, CNC routers, flatbed applicators, vinyl cutters and laminators for creating all of your signage requirements. Whatever your concept, be it your company name in shining lights with bright 3D letters, or something more muted and refined, you can rest assured our team have seen it all before, and we will be happy to talk you through all options available to make your idea a reality.

Sign Trays

Aluminium composite sign trays have become very popular over the years and even more so today. They can be simple, made from a plain folded sign tray with notched and bonded corners with some vinyl graphics applied, or you can go for a fret cut and folded sign system backed off with acrylic and illuminated with either fluorescent tubes or LEDs.

Flat Cut Signage

Flat cut letters and logos can be laser cut from as small as 40mm up to the maximum size of 3040×2030. Materials include: Acrylic, Perspex, aluminium composite, Wood, MDF and foam board. Letters can be supplied with a range of fittings including Acrylic and Brass Locator’s, Vhb Tape and Threaded Studs.

Built-up letters (3D)

These letters can be fabricated in many ways with many options which typically are:

  • Built up acrylic letters with returns from 20mm up to 170mm deep depending on the face size of your letter
  • Built up letters with locator fixing on non-illuminated signs
  • Built up acrylic letters complete with full back trays from foam PVC or polycarbonate complete with LEDs for face or halo illumination
  • Built up acrylic letters pushed through a cut and folded aluminium composite sign tray system
  • This type of system can be illuminated with either fluorescent tubes or LEDs
Built up stainless steel lettering with blue neon lighting
Directional Signage

Well-executed custom Directional Signs can add to your decor and make it easy for clients, visitors and vendors to find locations throughout your building or complex. Signs are primarily used in office buildings, hospitals, city buildings, parking garages, and parking lots. Directional Signs used on the inside of buildings have no permitting issues to deal with. Outside Directional Signs are controlled by local guidelines and often require a sign permit. For long lasting outdoor directional signage, HDU, aluminum, and acrylic substrates produce signs that require minimal maintenance.

  • Way Finding
  • Control flow of traffic inside or outside
  • Promote Open House or Garage Sale
  • Visitor, Entrance, Exit Signs
  • Road Signs
LED Illuminated

Either LED or back lit sign trays can be used to give your sign more definition. At night, or on an overcast day, having lighting will ensure your sign is always on display. LED lighting uses less energy, is more cost efficient, and environmentally friendly than the once popular Neon. LED signs also require less maintenance and repair. Whether you know exactly what type of sign you need, or have questions, we can help you determine what best suits your requirements. There is also the option of Day & Night acrylic, allowing black letters to light up brilliant white at night time.

Monolith / Totem Signs

Monolith, or Totem signs are freestanding pillars, usually featuring company signage, that can be manufactured in a variety of shapes and styles to make them more attractive and impressive.

BEFORE – Old Monolith sign in need of restoration


AFTER – Restored by McRobb Display

Projecting Signs

Projecting signs give you ‘two-sided’ visibility, as opposed to a flat wall sign and they can be either illuminated or not. They can be made from a variety of materials, are popular in urban settings, and are excellent exposure in areas where there is foot traffic.

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0131 556 9633

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