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Example of brick digital wallpaper in Edinburgh Shop
Example of digitally printed wallpaper
Example of digital wallpaper


Industrial Grade Digital Printing Film for Low Energy Surfaces.

The ultimate premium film for hard to stick surfaces, our brickwall vinyl is a durable film combined with a high tack adhesive system allows us to undertake even the most difficult projects.

Stunning graphics can be applied to textured walls such as brickwall, tiles and concrete graphics, Full colour graphics can transform the exterior facade for semi permanant applications. Used along with a protective overlaminate, the printed vinyl is applied using heat to conform to the contours and textures of the surface.

Key Features:

  • High tack adhesive textured and/or low-energy surfaces
  • Application in cold temperature environments
  • 7 year durability


AlumiGraphics® is a versatile wide-format digital print media made of pliable aluminium foil with unique properties that makes it superior to vinyl. It can be used for many custom applications such as applying to exterior walls and is the most reliable material for placing images on outdoor walkways, paths and drives.

AlumiGraphics® Grip is a rugged aluminum foil material and is designed to naturally conform to the texture of rough or smooth surfaces. The high-friction / slip-resistant surface improves the stability of pedestrian traffic in the area it is applied to. It's designed to withstand harsh weather conditions in both hot and cold weather climates. These vinyls are fully recyclable and require no heat application or protective laminate.


Alumigraphics® aluminium-based substrate allows the graphic to naturally conform to the textured surface of the brick wall. Our installers simply use rollers and fingers to work the material between the brick. For large graphics, Alumigraphics® SMOOTH can be overlapped or butted up against itself. The specially-formulated adhesive keeps the graphic in place until you’re ready to take it down. McRobb Alumigraphics® graphics can be removed with little to no residue.


AlumiGraphics® GRIP incorporates unique non-skid surface and aluminium substrate. These materials, along with our specially formulated adhesive, combine to stand up to harsh weather conditions. When installed as directed, material can last for months outdoors!

Another notable feature of AlumiGraphics® GRIP is the reflective quality on any area left unprinted. Reflected light is especially noticeable when placed under bright lights or when lights shine against decals in unlit areas, so for graphics in car parks or underground garages, it can offer added benefits.

Benefits of AlumiGraphics® Grip over vinyl media, stenciling, chalk and painting for creating graphics on challenging surfaces:

  • Rugged aluminium foil material naturally conforms to the texture of rough or smooth surfaces, appearing as a painted graphic
  • High friction surface provides duel characteristics of exceptional slip resistance exceeding international anti-slip standards and reflectivity for excellent nighttime visibility
  • Proven durability for short term and long term use that withstands heavy pedestrian traffic in hot, cold and wet weather environments for up to 1 year
  • Easy installation and removal with a high performance pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive backing provides superior holding strength and does not require professional installation
  • Simple peel off removal with typically no residue remaining on surface
  • Contains no PVC or hazardous ingredients and can be disposed with aluminium recycling


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We recommend using the Free, WeTransfer service when sending images and graphics which exceed 5Mb in file size.


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If you would like to make an enquiry, or have any queries regarding our digital wallpaper service, please get in touch today.